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Hamish Campbell has been selected as National’s candidate to contest the Wigram electorate for the 2020 General Election.

Hamish is currently the Deputy Head of Research at MS Research Australia where he oversees medical research into multiple sclerosis. The Party is thrilled that someone like Hamish who is incredibly experienced in his field and internationally recognised is keen to come back home and make a difference in Christchurch and his community.

“I’m really humbled to be selected as National’s candidate for Wigram. I was born and raised in Christchurch and I’m really looking forward to coming home and supporting our community through these uncertain times,” Dr Campbell says.

“Science and technology is my passion. I completed my PhD at the University of Otago, in viruses and cancer, which is very topical at the moment. I was then recruited to the Children’s Medical Research Institute in Sydney where my primary research interest focused on the immune system, autoimmune disease and cancer. I then moved into MS research.

“However, it’s not all science and technology, I co-founded an events company, and have established a number of running events, including a parkrun event (a free community 5km run), and most recently launched a virtual run to help keep people motivated and active in the current COVID-19 conditions. I have also been a certified running coach and am an adventure motorbike enthusiast.

“I’m delighted to be selected as National’s candidate and begin this new chapter in my life. Wigram is facing some tough times and I will be doing my best to help support our community through this period,” Dr Campbell says.

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