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Hamish Campbell was born in Christchurch where he attended Avonhead primary school and then Christchurch Boy’s High School where he was Deputy Head Boy. 

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Genetics and a PhD in viruses and cancer from the University of Otago.

After the completion of his PhD, Hamish was recruited to the Children’s Medical Research Institute in Sydney where his primary research interest focused on the immune system, autoimmune disease and cancer. He has co-authored a number of scientific articles on these topics.

More recently Hamish has been the Deputy Head of Research at MS Research Australia, overseeing medical research into the disease multiple sclerosis.

Hamish is passionate about science and technology and has been a lecturer at the University of Sydney and has also taught data science to professionals. 

In 2015 Hamish founded Rhodes Parkrun, a free community 5k run which regularly attracts over 400 people per week. He also has been involved in organising a number of community running events with the aim of providing accessible sporting events for everyone.

Hamish is 40 years old and married to Carol. They have two pre-school daughters. Hamish enjoys running, parkrun and adventure motorcycling. He has tacked India on a vintage Royal Enfield motorbike, traversed the Andes and parts of the Australian outback on a motorbike.